September 27, 2014

September 20, 2014

Love Letters from the past

I'm a very lucky granddaughter.  My grandmother was thoughtful enough to keep all the letters my grandfather sent to her in 1948 from Milwaukee to her in Spokane, 66 years ago.  My mother keeps the originals for safekeeping, but she lives a few states away.  In the meantime, my grandmother keeps typed copies of the letters in a big scrapbook.  For her birthday this year I decided to scan the originals (got to keep up with the digital age now-a-days) and make a book with them. That way she can still see his typed and handwritten notes from him.  Now I've never made a book before, but thanks to the handy instructions here Instructables this way a fairly easy process.

August 13, 2014

The Countdown Begins!

The countdown to Paris has begun!  And naturally, in true Hello Kitty form, and yes, I'm 31

August 07, 2014

Movie Review: Into the Storm

Oh Into the Storm where do I even begin?!?  This is *ahem* one gem of a movie I tell you.  As a huge fan of Twister, natural disaster movies, and of weather overall (I thought for two seconds in college I'd become a meteorologist and storm chaser myself), I was super excited for this film.

The premise is pretty simple, the movie follows two high school boys documenting the day of graduation and also a team of storm chasers making a documentary.  The movie starts out way too slow and then naturally the two groups eventually converge when the town is pounded by an unheard of amount of tornadoes and storms.  I don't think this movie would have been as laughable (as in the pathetically awful bad acting) if the story just skipped the high school boys and their father (Richard Armitage - who gives the worst performance of CPR I've ever seen).  However, take them out, and you just have a retake on Twister.

As for the CGI, some of the scenes are respectable but others border on cartoonish.  This combined, with the laughable acting, makes it appear that Into the Storm really should have been on the Syfy channel or some movie of the week on NBC.

Going in I expected this movie to be hokey, over-the-top, ridiculous, and full of bad acting just from the preview.  Coming in with those expectations, Into the Storm did still manage to be some-what entertaining, even if I was laughing at the acting.  However, I say save your $10 and wait for Redbox, unless you love horribly bad movies (hello me!), but seriously - wait for DVD.

Into the Storm opens Friday, August 8th.