November 18, 2015

Concert Stories #21 Everclear

It's Miller Time!

Miller Main Stage
Wisconsin State Fair
August 2, 2003
Age 20

My sister is a huge Everclear fan.  They were a bit before by time, but this was one of the concerts that someone dragged me to as opposed to me always dragging someone along.  I do like Everclear though, a great band that definitely always brings back '90's memories.  The main song I can remember is "AM Radio".  After looking up Everclear today though, there are more that are coming to mind now like "Wonderful", "Everything to Everyone", and of course "Santa Monica", how did I forget that one?!

I don't remember much about the concert just a lot of jumping up and down and rocking out and of course, getting really excited and singing along to "AM Radio", which was one of my sister's favorite as well.

Here's "AM Radio" for some reference:

and I had totally forgotten this gem "Santa Monica"

November 11, 2015

Concert Stories #20: Good Charlotte with Hoobastank

Good Charlotte (2nd time)
Opener: Hoobastank (2nd time)
Marcus Amphitheater
July 6, 2003
Age 20

Well this one is tricky because I most certainly do not remember much of anything.  This very rarely happens but at least after seeing Hoobastank a second time, I didn't come out of it bloodied and bruised like their first show.  

So sadly this week's story is not a story at all, but that's the reality of life sometimes now isn't it? 

(Apologies for the attitude, someone is slightly sick and cranky this week)

November 04, 2015

Concert Stories #19: New Found Glory, Good Charlotte, & Less Than Jake

Partially presented by TRL, that's why I say "pop punk"

New Found Glory & Good Charlotte & Less Than JakeHonda Civic TourEagles BallroomApril 11, 2003

Age 20

Get ready for the next few weeks I'm pushing through my 20's and my pop-punk rock phase.  In 2003 New Found Glory and Good Charlotte co-headlined the Honda Civic Tour with opener Less Than Jake.  At the time I did not know much about Less Than Jake and I really should have done my homework.  Rob (my brother, it's about time I use his name instead of referring to "my brother" all the time) had turned me on to Good Charlotte with their self titled album Good Charlotte and The Young and the Hopeless.  "Seasons", "Hold On", and "The Day That I Die" were some of my favorite songs of theirs.  I did also know a little of New Found Glory, but most of my knowledge came from MTV's TRL show.  "My Friends Over You" and "Head on Collision" from Sticks and Stones got a lot of airplay.  I also had a pretty massive crush on NFG"s guitar player Chad Gilbert, but I digress.

The concert was in the Eagles Ballroom and when we got there security ordered everyone to sit on the ground in the ballroom, which I had never done that before and was completely unaware of what was about to happen.  When the show started Less Than Jake was the opener and I did not realize they were a ska-punk band and that the crowd was going to mosh.  As soon as the lights went out, the crowd stood up, Rob and I were instantly separated, and the moshing began.  It was actually frightening for me, this was not two months since The Station Nightclub Fire in New Jersey, and thoughts of that terrified me (note: I know a moshing crowd is nothing like the tragedy in NJ, but that incident was on my mind and being stuck in a pit for the first time ever made me instantly freak out.  To this day, my concert going approach is shaped by that incident).  You could tell there was a part of the crowd there who were not prepared for this, and I was in that group.

What I had noticed by this time in my concert going career, that while some people in a crowd can be annoying and mean, the majority of people are there to enjoy the show and if something goes wrong, there are nice people willing to help you out (that way they can go back to enjoying the show).  This sense of comradery is one of the many things I love about concert going, thousands of strangers together but all there to have a good time.  There was a guy who noticed that me and two other girls where not doing well and he took charge to get us out (keep in mind, massive moshing and crowd swaying at this point).  He gave instructions to each of us when it was time - grab the random person in front of you, put your hands on their shoulders and push up while he bent down and picked us up and threw us up.  Yup, the only way out was up and over.  So this is the one time my friends that I ever crowd surfed.  Thankfully I came down safe in front of the stage, be it with just one shoe!  As I was walking off around the crowd barrier I watched as my other shoe got chucked on stage.  Which was one of the oddest sights that I will never forget.  At least it came quickly so I was able to have both shoes again! Side note, remember in the beginning of Speed where they rescue the people from the trapped elevator and when it plunges to the ground the one woman loses a shoe and says "My shoe!", that was my thought when I saw my shoe in mid-air.

After the moshing NFG and GC played, I can't remember which one went first, I believe GC did.  But the rest of the night was amazing.  Filled with jumping up and down, singing, and just having fun.  All from the edge of the crowd of course!

Excitedly enough, yesterday Good Charlotte announced that they are getting back together!  The first clip of their new song is already taking me back to these fun memories.

For those of you who do not know GC or NFG, here is "Motivation Proclamation" from Good Charlotte.  It is probably one of my favorites from them.

and here iss NFG's "Bruised and Broken"

And new additions to the awesome playlist

October 29, 2015

New Music I'm Digging

While I've been posting a lot of recap's of the concerts I've gone to over the years, I haven't posted about what I'm actually listening to in awhile.  Here's some newer stuff that I've hit replay on a lot lately.


Like the rest of the world, I'm in love with Adele and pretty much everything she does.  Her new single "Hello" is everything, I mean EVERYTHING!  I'm stating the obvious, how can this woman do any wrong?

Kip Moore

I feel like I am way late to the party on country singer Kip Moore.  I saw him perform earlier this year on an awards show and was intrigued and thought I'd check him out.  His new CD is called Wild Ones and it's a solid album, front to back!

Some of my favorite tracks are:
  • "Magic" I love the sweeping melodies in this song and the lyric "When your hair fails down raining glitter and gold" 
  • "Lipstick" There's something about this song that has the slightest Richard Marx 80's feel to it, and I mean that in the best way
  • "Comeback Kid" This is a quiet song, but in such a beautiful way.  I love the choir sound in the chorus.
I could really list his whole CD, but will leave it to just these three!

Leona Lewis

I have been a fan of Leona's the instant I heard "Bleeding Love".  She has such an incredible voice and I think is a bit underrated in America.  Her new CD I Am is a pretty solid pop album.

Some of my favorite tracks are:
  • "Thank You" This is a beautiful simple song.  Leona starts out solo and while the music does come in along with a choir, it is a very beautiful song about gratitude.
  • "I Am" A dance track that builds during the choruses.  I could easily see this song being great for a movie or television show.
  • "The Essence of Me" I really love the music and rhythm in this song.  Definitely a song that I sing to, with dramatic arm motions in the car!
I was lucky enough to meet her recently at our local Aloft Hotel and I can attest, she sounds just amazing live and is so nice!

A video posted by @sweethomewi on

A video posted by @sweethomewi on

I didn't know we were going to be able to meet her as well, wish I would have known so I could have cleaned up a little bit!

October 28, 2015

Concert Stories #18: Greenwheel with Revis

$10 admission and so totally worth every penny, and on Valentine's Day! Not exactly a date night considering I went with my brother

Greenwheel (3rd time)
Opener: Revis
The Rave - Bar
February 14, 2003

Age 19

Greenwheel again!  Greenwheel did a small headlining tour and it was so small they played the bar at The Rave, not even The Rave.  I'm terrible at guessing but maybe 50 people showed up?  Regardless of the crowd turnout, we loved the concert so much, and another bonus, Revis opened for them! We had not heard of Revis before but they killed it.  They are a rock band out of Illinois and a few weeks after this show their song "Caught in the Rain" would be released on the Daredevil soundtrack and get some decent radio play.  Greenwheel then came out and finished out an amazing night giving another high energy set.  It was great two see two talented rock bands perform intense shows in such an intimate venue.  

I also developing an irrational fear of getting stuck in the bathroom at this show.  The bathroom at the bar was a single walk in the room and lock it type of situation, not a room with multiple stalls.  I went in, did my business, and when I tried to leave the lock got stuck and since this was not a "stall" situation, there was nowhere, not even a window, to crawl out of.  The music was so loud and I was banging on the door and no one heard me!  I was most likely trapped for at most two minutes, but in my head it felt like hours!  Now, even 12 years later, I still fear getting stuck in one of those rooms.  Ridiculous I know!

Here's Revis's "Caught in the Rain", song still holds up I believe.

And the ever growing, super weird playlist